Kandanad West


The Malankara Orthodox Church in India is an ancient church in the world, whose history is traced back to the first century of Christian era. It is traditionally believed that the Malankara Orthodox Church in India was founded in 52 AD by St.Thomas, one of the twelve Apostles of Christ, in the South Western parts of the Indian sub-continent. Historians testify that, while the light of Christianity was not dawned in some of the countries in western hemisphere, India had witnessed the origin and spread of Christianity in its soil. The Malankara Orthodox Church in India is one among the family of the ‘Five Oriental Orthodox Churches’ – Armenian, Coptic, Ethiopian, Syrian and Indian Orthodox Churches. The Church is in communion with the other Oriental Orthodox Churches namely, Antiochian, Alexandrian, Armenian and Ethiopian Orthodox Churches all of which uphold the pre-Chalcedonic Christology. The Church is in good ecumenical relationship with the Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Protestant Churches.
  The supreme head of the Malankara Orthodox Church in India is Catholicos who is also entrusted with the title of Malankara Metropolitan having authority over the churches and property. The current Catholicos cum Malankara Metropolitan is His Holiness Baselios Paulose II. Currently there are 30 dioceses and 32 bishops altogether for the Malankara Orthodox Church in India.




In 1876 Malankara Orthodox Church was divided as 7 Dioceses by mulanthuruthy synod. Among that seven one diocese was Kandanad Diocese, at that time the parishes of Kandanad diocese spread in Kottayam , Idukki and Ernakulam District.


The first Metropolitan of this diocese was H.G Paulose mar Ivanios (murimattathil bava). Later First Catholicos of Malankara Orthodox Church, who belongs to Kolenchery St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s orthodox church. Followed by him this diocese was governed by the following Metropoltans.

  • H.G Yuyakim Mar Ivanios

  • H.G Augen Mar Thimothios

  • H.G Paulose Mar Philoxenos

  • H.G Joseph Mar Pachomiose

From 1991 this diocese is under the auspicious leadership of H.G. Dr. Mathews Mar Severios. In 2002 this Diocese divided into Two Kandanad (E) and Kandanad (W).

St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s Orthodox Church is under the diocese of Kandanad (W). Including parish churches and catholicate centers there are 41 worship centers in this diocese. There are 31 priests including corepiscopas offeres their dedicated services in this Diocese.

The diocesan headquarters is now situated at mar pachomios mount meempara. It is proposed to shift the head quarters from member to kolenchery. For that purpose the office complex is under construction at kolenchery.

All spiritual organisations are very active in this diocese. Besides the spiritual activities, several charitable activities are also functioning under this diocese by the leadership of H G. Dr Mathews Mar severios. The charitable institutions are organized and administered by Mar pachomios charitable society and Pratheebha charitable trust.

Following are the institutions.

  1. Pratheeksha Bhavan Home mentally and physically challenged, has been caring for the needy people since 1996.

  2. Prashanthi Bhavan (Home of Comfort) –  is designed to provide comfort to terminally ill patients who have no place to go.

  3. Prathyasa Bhavan – (Home of Hope) – institution takes care of mentally challenged and physically disabled boys.

  4. Pradanam Centre – Centre for free medical aid to poor patients.

  5. Pramodam Project – Distributing food every day to the poor Patients in the government hospitals and near to the premises of Kanadanad Diocese.

  6. Prasannam Centre –this project is intended to take care of the destitute mental patients for life.

  7. Prakasam Institute of special education – This institute is intended to give training to the teachers for the training of mentally retarded children.

  8. Prepalanam – A project for providing pension to unorganized urban. Now 110 persons availing this facility.

  9. Prebhadom computer Centre – giving free computer education to poor student irrespective of caste and creed.

  10. Presadom – Home for AIDS and Cancer patients. For this project 2.5 acre of land baught near peruva catholicate centre.

  11. Prathibha Bhavan – The project aims at giving training to the unemployed youths for self employment through various small scale industries. Its main institution is at Kunnakal, near Muvattupuzha where Prathibha Curry Powder Unit and Electronics Unit are functioning. Prathibha Candles and Prathibha Umbrellas and Prathibha Ready Made Garments are in the stage at Pratheeksha Bhavan.

  12. Predeepthi publication – this diocean publication, through this publication various articles regarding faith, tradition, history church news are published it’s a bimonthly publication.